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About Memorial Insurance Australia


Memorial Insurance Australia has been created with care and respect of those close to us that have passed. To ensure their memory lives with their Memorial / Vault being kept in a good condition.

When a loved one passes, there can be financial pressure on the family / friends to arrange the funeral. We want to be able to take the burden off you for any unforeseen circumstances which may damage the memorial.

GTM Admin Services Pty Ltd Trading as Memorial Insurance Australia (MIA) are a specialised agency that has selected the most respected Stonemasons around Australia who deliver exceptional quality product to create the Memorial / Vault.

Memorial Insurance Australia provides your family with reinstatement or replacement cover up to the sum insured to help pay for repair work to your loved one’s memorial. An amount that could be difficult to find, following the costs associated with a funeral and other expenses after a loved one has passed especially if you have not planned for ongoing upkeep of the Memorial / Vault.

GTM Admin Services Pty Ltd Trading as Memorial Insurance Australia (MIA) is wholly owned Australian business and is managed by Graham Mitchell. Graham has over 40 years general insurance broking experience and has been working closely with stone masons around Australia to develop a product that best suits the needs of families who are looking to protect the valuable monuments that they have installed to commemorate their loved ones.

It only takes a few minutes to obtain a quote and purchase a policy online.

Once you have purchased the policy your cover starts immediately and is renewable annually.